Winery Experiences

We’re thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with two outstanding wineries on the Peninsula, providing all our guests with the delightful opportunity to enjoy complimentary wine tastings, 15% restaurant discounts and wine experiences. Below, you can explore more about these esteemed wineries and the special experiences they offer:

Ten Minutes by Tractor:

Nestled in the heart of Main Ridge on the Mornington Peninsula, Ten Minutes by Tractor stands as a beacon of Australian gastronomy and winemaking. This multifaceted establishment comprises a distinguished restaurant, a captivating winery, and an inviting cellar door. At Ten Minutes by Tractor, their unwavering passion revolves around the fusion of exceptional wine and exceptional cuisine.

Guests can anticipate an intimate and relaxed cellar door experience, featuring in-depth tastings that allow you to immerse yourself in wines crafted to mirror the unique qualities and character of their vineyards. Additionally, the restaurant, awarded with two prestigious hats, invites you to explore the synergy between their wines and the delectable regional produce, providing a comprehensive understanding of how wine and food harmonize to create memorable dining experiences.

As part of our commitment to enhancing your stay, we extend an invitation to all our guests to partake in Complimentary Wine Tasting when guests dine at Allis Wine Bar or Ten Minutes by Tractor Restaurant.
It’s an opportunity to savor the exceptional offerings of this esteemed winery and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of flavors that define the Mornington Peninsula’s wine culture.

Other wine experiences offered by Ten Minutes by tractor that can be organised by our concierge team are:

Please contact our reservations team on if you would like to book into their Allis Wine Bar or enjoy their fine dining experience at their restaurant.

T’Gallant Winery:

Embark on a captivating journey into the enchanting world of Italy, right within the stunning vineyards of the Mornington Peninsula. Immerse yourself in the artistry of our handcrafted wines, each a testament to our unwavering expertise, while savoring the exquisite flavors of authentic Italian cuisine crafted from the region’s finest, locally sourced ingredients.

Their recently reopened vineyard and restaurant seamlessly blend rustic charm with contemporary elegance, fashioning a captivating backdrop for an unforgettable dining experience. Amidst this picturesque setting, you’ll have the opportunity to sample a diverse range of our exquisite wines, each with its own unique story to tell.

Complimentary Wine Tasting is offered to all our guests and as an added treat for our guests, T’Gallant is also offering a generous 15% off their restaurant menu, ensuring that your culinary journey through Italian-inspired flavors is not only delightful but also easy on the palate and the pocket.

This is your invitation to savor the allure of Italy amidst the vineyard-rich landscapes of Mornington Peninsula.

Please contact reservations team on if you would like to add this complimentary tasting and restaurant discount to your booking.